HOOD – Outlaws and Legends out now!

Available on PC, Xbox One & Series S/X, and Playstation 4 & 5, Hood – Outlaws and Legends is the game I was writing for a couple of years ago. It’s finally out and I’m really impressed – it’s a LOT of fun, and the developers used, as far as I can tell, everything I wrote for them. It’s a multiplayer game, there’s no real “story” as such, but each of the four characters (and the Sheriff) have their own legends which are unlocked the more you play, the maps all have backstories, and there’s little collectable trinkets which players get for assassinating State guards. It’s so cool to see my name in the credits, with a page of its own too!

I must admit, I’m not amazingly good at the game but it doesn’t really matter. I can put it on my Xbox for an hour or two once the kids are in bed and run around smashing people with John’s great hammer – it’s quite cathartic after a hard day! If you own one of these gaming platforms you should check it out – it’s quite cheap to buy and the developers promise continuous bug fixes and gameplay tweaks to make it even more fun, along with new maps (wait until you see Mount Storgramand, it looks incredible and was really interesting to write a backstory around).
I really hope it does well – if so, perhaps the developers will ask me to write more which would be great but, on top of that, having seen their enthusiasm and excitement for this project all the way back when they were starting to design it, I’d love their hard work to be rewarded. So, if you DO check it out and enjoy it, be sure to let others know. Leave a review, tell your gaming buddies, share it on social media, all the usual stuff.

Now, I might get a few games of HOOD in later tonight but, this morning I have to get on with writing Bear of Britain before recording an interview about all things Robin Hood at lunch time. Have a great day all!

PS – if you found yourself here because you were interested in the game but have no idea who I am, check out my books HERE.

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