Wolf’s Head 99c in the USA, 99p UK!

Book 1 in The Forest Lord series, Wolf’s Head, was already 99p in the UK as part of the Kindle August Deals, but, for a few days only, it’s now also 99c in the USA! Some of the other books are also reduced in price by 50% or more so, if you need to complete your collection, or finally get around to starting it, now is the time.

Get your copy of Wolf’s Head at the links below, and enjoy…



If you’re waiting to read my new Druid novel, Bear of Britain, my editor will be going over it next week so it should be complete soon afterwards. I hope you all enjoy it! Keep an eye out here, or join my email list HERE to make sure you get updates on my new books and chances to win cool prizes like signed copies, posters, even mugs sometimes!

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