LUCIA special offer on Kindle UK this October!

My standalone novel, Lucia, which tells the story of a female slave’s life in a Roman villa, is on special offer this October in the UK. Just 99p!

Get it HERE.

Historian Sharon Bennett Connolly chose Lucia as her favourite book of the year and reviewed it saying, “Lucia…makes the reader re-evaluate the way they think and feel – and takes them to a depth of their soul they probably have never visited before. Steven A. McKay has written a truly riveting depiction of the life of a slave. If you only read one more book this year, it should be Lucia.”

A bargain for under a quid, right? There’s been plenty of stories told about MALE slaves in Rome – Spartacus by Ben Kane being a great example, but Lucia was the first to really describe the life of a girl who grows into adulthood while living as a slave and I think it’s an important tale. It was time to give those forgotten people a voice.

And now you can get it HERE for just 99p! It’s also FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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