Bid for a very special prize & help charity!

Fellow historical fiction author, Gordon Doherty, has been auctioning off books for the past year or so to support a charity very important to him, Myeloma UK. This week I’m donating a copy of my latest novella for the auction, BUT it will also include TWO pages of my hand-written notes (the photo only shows one as I only found the second page when I was in my car at work on Monday). These were jotted down in my car and at home when ideas were coming to me for how to develop the plot and they are completely unique. I take notes like this for all of my books but this is the first time I’ve thought of giving them away. It just makes the prize a bit more special, hopefully!

If you’d like to bid go to Gordon’s Facebook page HERE and post a comment. At the moment it’s at an astonishing £170! It’s a lot for a book, but this is a charity worth supporting so, if this prize interests you, check out the auction.

Or, if you’d just like to donate to the charity directly, you can do so HERE.

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