The Druid – FREE with Prime Reading UK!

Amazon UK have very kindly included The Druid, book 1 in my Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles, in their Prime Reading Program which means anyone with a Prime account can read it for FREE! Tell your friends and family, even your mortal enemies and your nemesis if you have one – it would be great to see the book climbing the charts again and more readers discovering my work. And don’t forget, if you don’t have Prime, it’s free with Kindle Unlimited (all my books are)! That means you could spend just £7.99 for a month’s Kindle Unlimited and read ALL of my books for that single payment, what’s not to love? If you prefer “real” books, send me a message and you can buy a signed copy of The Druid directly from me.

Get the Kindle edition on Prime or KU HERE or click the cover image below to go straight to to Amazon.

Northern Britain, AD430

A land in turmoil. A village ablaze. A king’s daughter abducted.

In the aftermath of a surprise attack Dun Buic lies in smoking ruins and many innocent villagers are dead. As the survivors try to make sense of the night’s events the giant warrior-druid, Bellicus, is tasked with hunting down the raiders and thwarting their dark purpose.

With years of training in the old ways, two war-dogs at his side, and unsurpassed skill with a longsword, Bellicus’s quest will take him on a perilous journey through lands still struggling to cope with the departure of the Roman legions.

Meanwhile, amongst her brutal captors the little princess Catia finds an unlikely ally, but even he may not be able to avert the terrible fate King Hengist has in store for her.

This, the first volume in a stunning new series from the bestselling author of Wolf’s Head, explores the rich folklore and culture of post-Roman Britain, where blood-sacrifice, superstition and warfare were as much a part of everyday life as love, laughter and song.

As Saxon invaders and the new Christian religion seek to mould the country for their own ends one man will change the course of Britain’s history forever. . .

. . . THE DRUID.

“Steven A. McKay’s archetypal villains and heroes step vividly onto the page from a mist-veiled past of legend to battle for the life of a princess and the fate of Britain.
Dark age adventure at its gripping best.” – MATTHEW HARFFY, author of The Bernicia Chronicles

“The Druid is richly imagined, confident and gripping, full of memorable characters that fair leap from the page, and with a protagonist who, despite his calling, is written with just the right mix of the earthly and the unearthly, the spiritual and the realistic… instantly engaging storytelling on a par with anything you’ve read before by him there Cornwell, or Kane, or Kristian…a triumph, an honest to goodness, self-assured triumph.” – STEVE DENTON/SPEESH READS

“The Druid tells a story as stunning as the cover art suggests.” – SHARON BENNETT CONNOLLY, author of Heroines Of The Medieval World

“…the historical detail is seamlessly melded into a plot bursting with adrenaline and suspense…To my mind this novel is everything historical fiction should be and more.” – JAMES VELLA-BARDON, author of The Sheriff’s Catch

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