Rock, Paper, Swords! episode 2 out now – listen to find out the title of my next Druid novel!

We released episode 2 of our new podcast last week. In it, Matthew Harffy and I discuss some things you might find interesting, from food in historical novels (and the pitfalls of talking about things that weren’t around at the time your book is set!) to weaponry. It’s a fun episode, and perhaps even more appealing to my readers as I exclusively reveal the title of my new book on it! I will, of course, announce it soon on here and my social media channels along with the cover art but if you’d like to find out now, please do give the podcast a listen. You can find it (for free) HERE.

We’re also running a giveaway where a lucky listener can win signed books from BOTH me and Matthew – all you have to do is give Rock, Paper, Swords! a 5 star review/rating on Apple/Spotify or wherever else you listen and let us know you’ve done so. Or, just share the episode on Facebook, Twitter etc and, again, let us know you’ve done it so we can put your name into the hat. Do subscribe as we have some cool stuff coming up, including interviews with people like Robyn/Erin Young and Tim Hodkinson.

Happy listening, and look out for that Druid book 5 cover reveal, coming soon!

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