Warrior Druid of Britain Book 5 – title AND cover reveal!

I exclusively revealed the name of my new Druid book on Rock, Paper, Swords! over a week ago but if you didn’t listen (why not?!), well, check the image to see what it is!

Yep, Wrath of the Picts is the title and I’m pretty happy with the first draft as Bellicus, Duro, Cai and Eburus try to figure out what’s happened to the Princesses Aife and Catia! My editor will start going over it tomorrow so, all being well, it should be ready to buy on Kindle and paperback by the end of August. I’m actually making a road-trip to one of the locations in the book tomorrow – I’ve made up a picnic for me and my crazy little dog, Pippi – so hopefully I can add a real feeling of that place which does play a BIG part in the closing sections of the novel, including one of my favourite ever scenes….

Look out for the pre-order very soon, and don’t forget the next episode of Rock, Paper, Swords! will be out on Friday, July 29th! Matthew Harffy and I will be discussing great beginnings in novels, reading from some fantastic books and talking about what makes them draw readers in, so please do subscribe and give us a listen! Check out the podcast HERE.

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