Wrath of the Picts available to pre-order!

You can now pre-order my new Warrior Druid of Britain novel, Wrath of the Picts on Kindle. It’ll be published on September 3rd and continues the adventures of Bellicus and Duro so check it out at the link here – https://mybook.to/WrathOfThePicts

I’m hoping the paperback edition will b available on the 3rd too, and I also have some posters with the cover art which I’ll be signing if you’d like to buy one either alone or with a paperback. Just contact me through here if you’re interested! Spread the word please. 🙂

And don’t miss Episode 5 of Rock, Paper, Swords! which is out today. I chat with my co-host Matthew Harffy about the original Lord of the Rings movies and it’s a really fun episode – anchor.fm/rockpaperswords

Princess Catia has gone missing and once again it falls to the legendary druid, Bellicus, to find her. Was the child taken by force, or did she go willingly with the Pictish warrior-woman, Aife?

Their trail leads far north to the windswept fortress of Dunnottar, so the druid must journey there with his companions, Duro, Eburus, and the fearsome wardog, Cai. Leaving Dun Breatann in the hands of Queen Narina and her enigmatic new husband, Ysfael, the friends ride out, but things are never as straightforward as they seem…
Violence and death follow Bellicus as he seeks to discover the fate of the princess. In doing so, he also finds himself on the trail of the swordsman, Lancelot, who disappeared months before when his warband was slaughtered by Saxons. Will the druid be in time to save them both? Or will their enemies, old and new,earn the bloody vengeance and glory they so desperately desire?
Ambition, lust, grief, and the power of the old gods combine in Wrath of the Picts as the druid and his companions are thrust towards a shocking finale that will leave Dun Breatann in turmoil and Northern Britain ravaged again by war.

Fans of Bernard Cornwell, Matthew Harffy, Griff Hosker, and Conn Iggulden will love this action packed fifth novel in the Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles!

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