Forest Lord series cover updates! Wow, how nice are these?!

My Forest Lord novels came out a few years ago now, beginning with Wolf’s Head way back in 2013. I always liked the covers, particularly the exciting imagery of Rise of the Wolf, and the fact that the first three books had Robin in the art, but he was gone for Blood of the Wolf.

With all that in mind, I asked my cover designers if they had any thoughts on updating the covers, make them look a bit more contemporary while retaining the feel of the originals. They came back to me with some great ideas, and I gave my input, and….We have four gorgeous new covers!

These are for the Kindle editions AND the paperbacks, and the great thing is, the paperbacks all have a piece of an arrow on them so when you have all four side by side on your bookcase the whole arrow appears. It’s really cool and I can’t wait to get a set to see it all on my own shelf! I’ve also dropped the price of the paperbacks – I’ll probably write a blog post about that soon as a post on Facebook made me think about the pricing and as a result I realised I could take a couple of pounds/dollars off the prices of most of my books!

I’m not sure which of the four is my favourite. I really love the colours on the new Blood of the Wolf cover though, there’s something really interesting about that one. It almost tells a story itself!

I’ve reduced the prices on all four of these on the Kindle just to help the relaunch (sorry, the paperbacks have a printing cost so they’re already about as cheap as I can make ’em). If you’ve only read my Warrior Druid of Britain novels now is the time to give the Forest Lord series a try. You have all four of these novels, PLUS the spin-off novellas which are usually set around Christmastime, like Faces of Darkness, Sworn to God, and the forthcoming The Pedlar’s Promise. Check them out!

So! What do you think? Do you like the new covers? Prefer the old ones? Which of them – old OR new – is your favourite? Let me know what you think by commenting below or use the CONTACT button at the top of the page.

I’m hugely proud of all these novels, I loved writing them and was always blown away by the feedback I got from readers who enjoyed them immensely. They were an essential stepping stone to my Druid books, Lucia, and of course my BRAND NEW series which is a different period again. I have some huge news regarding that with an announcement to come soon, so look out for that!

THANK YOU to all the readers who bought those original Forest Lord novels, you changed my life completely and I’m so grateful to you all.

A mock-up of the new spines, with the arrow crossing all four.

I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY to celebrate the new cover designs (I’m not sure whether to give away the ORIGINAL editions or the new ones…) so make sure you’re subscribed to my Email List to be in with a chance of winning. You even get a free Forest Lord short story for signing up! Click HERE to join.

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