Another Amazon KDP All-Stars Bonus this month!

I was really happy to get an email from Amazon this week informing me that I’d be receiving an All-Stars bonus again this month – second month in a row! As they say, “The KDP Select All Stars bonus is a discretionary monthly bonus to recognize KDP Select books that delight readers.”
So I assume this is for sales, page reads, and reviews of my newest novel, Wrath of the Picts. I was awarded a couple of these way back in 2014 so it’s fantastic to get them again.

Thank you everyone who’s been reading Wrath (and all of my books!) recently, and an extra thanks to everyone who’s left a nice review. They really DO help, as you can see, so I greatly appreciate it.

Don’t forget my next Forest Lord novelette, The Pedlar’s Promise, comes out on December 1st and can be pre-ordered HERE. Paperback edition should hopefully be available the same day. It’s another fun tale for the Christmas period, not as dark as the last couple – no stalkers or religious cults this time. I think regular readers of these winter stories will really like it!

Finally, I have some big news coming soon regarding my next series so look out for that. I’m really excited about it and believe it’ll take my writing to a new level. Hopefully the novels will be as well received as my Forest Lord and Warrior Druid of Britain ones. I’m halfway into the first one and enjoying it – even the hours upon hours of research! – so that’s always a good sign…

Don’t worry though, there WILL be more from Bellicus, Duro, and Cai. I’m just not sure when yet.

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