FREE book from Santa (well, me)!

It’s Christmas Eve and I have some good news! Santa came a day early and left a gift for you: A FREE copy of my Forest Lord novel Sworn to God on Kindle! Yep, you can download the book for free over today, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already read it. It’s PERFECT for Christmas reading as you can probably guess from the snowy cover art…



Don’t forget, Sworn to God is actually part of a series of mostly short winter tales so take a look at them too if you’ve not read them yet. The newest one is The Pedlar’s Promise which just came out this month and has lots of great reviews so far. They follow on from my main Forest Lord series of four novels, please do have a look and tell your friends about Sworn to God being free!

If you have read any of my winter tales PLEASE do leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads just to let others know what you thought. It’s honestly a huge help and would be a great Xmas gift to me. šŸ˜‰

THANK YOU ALL for reading and reviewing my books in 2022, I truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic Christmas day, and God bless us, everyone!


Yorkshire, AD 1329
A new religious group moves into an abandoned church just north of the village of Altofts, but when men start dying under strange and suspicious circumstances the local bailiff decides to investigate.

The Disciples of God and their charismatic leader, Lady Alice de Staynton, appear truly holy, but something sinister seems to be going on within the walls of the newly refurbished St Joseph’s. Certainly the bailiff, John Little, has his suspicions about some of the warrior-like male acolytes, but are his fears justified? Infiltrating the group seems to be the best course of action, although the volatile Will Scaflock is none too happy about being nominated for the job by Friar Tuck…
Following on from 2019’sĀ Faces of Darkness, this standalone story sees three legendary heroes battling invisible ‘Black Lords’ and far more dangerous earthly foes, but can they figure out what’s really going on in St Joseph’s before anyone else dies? With twists and turns aplenty, and based on real events, historical fiction fans are sure to enjoy this medieval thriller as much as they did the author’s previous bestsellersĀ The Druid,Ā LuciaĀ andĀ Wolf’s Head.

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