Happy New Year readers! And another Kindle bargain!

It’s 2023! I really hope you all have an amazing new year and follow your dreams. That’s what I did in 2022 when I quit the dayjob I’d had for 18 years and decided to become a full-time author. It’s going well so far and just shows what you can do if you set a goal and strive to reach it. Aim high, my friends!

To celebrate the brand new year, Amazon UK have put Song of the Centurion in their Monthly Deals. It’s just 99p on Kindle so if you’ve not read it, give it a go HERE. If you’re in the USA or elsewhere outside the UK, I’m sorry, I have nothing to do with the deals Amazon choose to run – hopefully they pick a few of my books in 2023 to be part of their promotions. Until then, Kindle Unlimited is a bargain as you can pay for one month’s membership and binge read ALL of my books for just that one payment! Worth a look if you’ve got a new Kindle to load up or even just a tablet or phone you can download the FREE Kindle app for….In terms of what’s next from me, well, you’ll have to wait for a bit to find out. But I’ve almost finished the first book in a brand new trilogy and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get started on the sixth Warrior Druid novel IF I can find the time.

Have an amazing New Year’s Day, and an even better 2023, and THANK YOU ALL so much for reading and reviewing my books! Hey, I just realised – Wolf’s Head was published in July 2013 so this year also marks my tenth year as an author! What a ride…

Cheers to you!



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