February update!

Just an update since I haven’t posted much on here lately.

First, The Druid and The Northern Throne are on special offer AGAIN in the UK! Just 99p for the Kindle editions, grab these now while they’re cheap. You can find them, and the others in the series, RIGHT HERE. And, just to clarify things as some readers seem unsure: There WILL be more books in the Druid series. I’m not sure when, but Bellicus’s adventures are not over yet!

Next, the podcast I host with Matthew Harffy has had some amazing guests on recently including our first musician, Dr Mark Deeks from metal bands Winterfylleth and Ard, and the legendary Simon Scarrow joined us in the latest episode. Simon’s writing has been a source of great enjoyment and inspiration for me over the past 20 or so years, so it was incredible to get him on the podcast. Check out all our episodes HERE, and please subscribe and leave us a 5 star rating if you can! Maybe tell your friends?

Finally, my latest book – the first in a brand new series! – is almost finished. I’m really excited about this and looking forward to sharing big news about it around the end of this month… Look out for the announcement!

So, roll on 2023, and as ever, thank you all for reading my books and leaving such great reviews. I do enjoy reading your comments on Amazon/Goodreads and they really do help other readers find them.



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