Over The Wall is now a cheap audiobook!

Yep, it’s so cheap. Why? Well, I narrated it myself!

A few months go I thought I’d try narrating one of my stories. I chose “Over The Wall”, because it was short! I eventually got around to editing it all and trying to make it listenable and now it’s available as an actual audiobook on a ton of outlets including Spotify, Google, Apple, and more.
Since it’s a short tale, and I’m not a professional narrator, I’ve set the price a LOT cheaper than the host website suggested. So you can get it for just 99p if you want, which isn’t bad for a 45 minute story. I doubt I’ll ever do this again, but it was a cool learning experience and hopefully worth the low price!
If you like it please, as ever, leave a review. Here’s the Google Play link, but you can find it wherever you usually get your audiobooks, except Audible, it’s not on there.

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