My new series – the big announcement is here!

You may recall I posted a few months ago about some big news I had, but I wasn’t allowed to share it at the time. Well, now I can!

Yep, I’ve signed a three-book deal with the publisher Canelo to write a series about ALFRED THE GREAT! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t at all familiar with Alfred, other than some of the backstory included in Bernard Cornwell’s Last Kingdom TV series and the books about Uhtred, but when I started to research the king’s life I was blown away by how action-packed and eventful it was! I mean, you have Vikings for a start! From Canelo’s website: “The series will chart the life of Alfred the Great, from the challenges of becoming king at such an early age after the death of his brothers, through to his final years, all the while in a desperate struggle to combat the continual Viking onslaught on the kingdom of Wessex and the wider British Isles. In doing so, the series will shed light on the Vikings themselves, displaying their piety and loyalty in addition to their ferocious strength in battle.”

Book 1 (untitled so far) is just about finished and will be published in January 2024. I’ve greatly enjoyed researching and writing it and I hope my readers will love it. Finally you’ll be able to find my books in high street bookstores! I’ve loved self-publishing my own books, and that will continue with more adventures of Bellicus to come, but Canelo really impressed me with their enthusiasm and way they go about things. I’m proud to be one of their authors! To read Canelo’s full blog post about our deal GO HERE or click the pic below!

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