The Heathen Horde cover reveal and pre-order links!

My new book, the first in a trilogy about Alfred the Great, has a title (The Heathen Horde) and a cover, and you can pre-order it already although it won’t be published until October 26th!

Isn’t it just stunning? The water is so lifelike, it’s as if you’re swimming in it! I’m really happy with that artwork and hope it’ll attract readers. My publisher, Canelo, have done a fantastic job. You can pre-order it HERE on various formats, and below is the blurb. I can’t wait for you all to read this one. Alfred’s life was incredible and it’s been so much fun writing and researching it.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Northumbria, AD 864. Viking warlord Ragnar Lothbrok is captured and killed in brutal fashion, an event that will shape the future of the nation for decades to come.

Mercia, AD 868Alfred, son of Wessex and heir to the throne, draws his first blood on the battlefield. It will not be his last.

A devastating scourge from the north is coming to Britain, one that will bring armies and entire kingdoms to their knees. Travelling along the whale road in their feared longships, the Great Heathen Army move fast, striking with a savagery unmatched, in a seemingly unstoppable tide of blood and iron.

One inexperienced warrior will prove the difference, a young man who will lead from the front and, in time, aspire to become the saviour of the Saxons… Alfred the Great.

A totally enrapturing historical adventure following the life of one of Britain’s most important ever kings, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow.

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