Some tips on how to write a novel, from first idea to publication and beyond. Part 1 of the Lockdown Series -Developing your IDEA.

In case you're wondering why I'm writing this instead of working on my own new druid novel, well, my wife and kids are at home all day during this lockdown and, personally, I find it difficult to get into the "zone" when the house is occupied and there's distractions. But I can still write blog... Continue Reading →

Stay sane during lockdown – ghost stories!

So I've deleted the Twitter app from my phone (I still have an account but am not using it just now) and am not reading anyone's posts on Facebook because so many are sharing things that, frankly, frighten me. So, to combat this, I'm reading ghost (and other unexplained mystery) stories. Yes, to escape the... Continue Reading →

Ritual. In life, and particularly within my novels – does it make sense to you?

I've been thinking about doing a blog post on this subject for a while now, ever since one of the beta readers for my novel The Druid told me she couldn't understand what was going on in a scene, specifically the one where Bellicus performs a ritual and "meets" a mythical hero. There was another, similar... Continue Reading →

Stunning Dunnottar Castle during the Scottish winter! My latest research trip, just look at those views!

Last year I visited Dunadd Hill Fort to research my novel Song of the Centurion and it was not only a worthwhile trip, but a fantastic way to spend time with my daughter (my son wasn't well so the wife had to stay home with him). Click HERE to see those pics. This year we went... Continue Reading →

Book Corner: Faces of Darkness by Steven A. McKay

“There were several points where I thought I had solved the mystery, only to be disabused of my theory a few pages later, which, of course, makes the book even more riveting!” Check out the latest review for Faces of Darkness from historian Sharon Bennett Connolly!

History... the interesting bits!

Lady Isabella de Courcy is found alone in a room bolted from the inside, unconscious, and with a dagger brutally forced through her hand into the floorboards beneath, but this is just the latest in a line of similar, terrifying incidents. For months now she’s been stalked by some shadowy tormentor who leaves no trace of his movements and has never been clearly seen by anyone, even Lady Isabella.

Can the bailiff, John Little, along with his friend – the legendary friar, Robert Stafford – uncover the truth and, more importantly, will they be able to save the troubled victim before she ends up dead?

This new standalone tale from the author ofThe Druidsees the return of two much-loved characters from the Forest Lord series and is based on a shocking real-life case which remains, to this day, unsolved.

I have been a fan…

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