Knight of the Cross FREE!

I managed over 4,000 words of the brand new book today, “The Druid” is coming along very nicely, hopefully have it finished by the end of summer/autumn. Also…

FREE on Kindle, worldwide, until June 2nd. Get your copy NOW!

best historical fiction novella


Rhodes, 1309 AD

The good Knights of St John battle ancient evil as mysterious disappearances and insane devil-worshippers threaten to turn the island into a bloodbath…

When three heavily armed Hospitaller knights go missing from a sleepy village their Grand Master sends legendary hero Sir Richard-at-Lee and his sergeant-at-arms to discover their fate. Met with resistance from terrified locals, and whispered rumours of a blasphemous sect performing strange rites underground, Sir Richard finally realises he must defeat not only the cultists, but the faceless, unstoppable demon that haunts his dreams.

Fans of the Forest Lord series will enjoy this explosive spin-off novella that sees the much-loved English knight up against a foe that threatens his life, his sanity, and even God Himself!

“A fabulous action-filled read that manages to pack an epic punch into a novella-sized story.” Matthew Harffy, author of The Serpent Sword

Click here for your copy —->>>


Finally, you will probably know I used ACX to produce the Audible versions of my books. Well, starting today, June 1, 2017, ACX is now available to audiobook authors, publishers, narrators, studios, and producers in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. To get started, check out the ACX blog ( for more info.


Very good news for authors in Ireland and Canada methinks.

Roll on the weekend, have a good one all!

Merry Christmas, here’s a wee gift!

Merry Xmas one and all – I hope you’re all having an amazing day with friends and family!

I thought I’d give away my Kindle novella Knight of the Cross as a little gift for TODAY ONLY, worldwide. It’s been number 1 in some of Amazon UK’s charts for near enough the whole of 2016 so it’s not the worst present you’ll ever get. Better than a kick in the nuts from Santa anyway, right? What d’ye mean, “No”?!

Go here to download it to your Kindle for free, enjoy a restful day, and have a fantastic 2017, friends.

To those who find this time of year hard, I understand, honestly. Please just make some time to forget your troubles today, put on some fun party music (like THIS – sing that chorus!), have a few drinks and push reality aside for a while, whether you read my book or not.




Don’t forget Blood of the Wolf is only 99p (usual price £2.99) in Amazon UK’s “12 Days of Christmas” promotion.

Knight of the Cross on special offer

Just a quick note…

My novella, Knight of the Cross, is on special offer this weekend as part of the Kindle Countdown Deal thingy. Only 99p/99c (I believe this will include other countries too but I have no control over that side).
Click HERE, or on the pic below, to go to your country’s Amazon page and check it out! Let your friends know too!

Blood of the Wolf is coming along nicely. I’ll be sending it to my editor within the next couple of weeks so it should be ready for publication – hopefully! – in August, depending on how much she thinks needs changed.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget…

Dagon is coming!


The Art and Magick of pricing ebooks…part 2!

You may remember I decided to try a little experiment with my novella Knight of the Cross recently. Since it was published a year and a half or so ago it’s been priced at 77p/99p in the UK and 99c in the USA. Sales have never been great despite good reviews, and at such a low price with the 35% royalty from Amazon KDP I was making almost nothing from it.

Knight Of The Cross-Audible-Front-des2

Also available from Audible, and it’s dirt cheap if you already own the Kindle version!

So I pushed the price up to £1.99 UK/ $2.99 USA almost a month ago. I hoped that even if the sales didn’t go up, the improved 70% royalty would at least let me make a little from each copy someone read.

The experiment seemed to pay off immediately as, for some reason, the novella’s average chart placing jumped from about 15,000 to 7,000, with the highest position being around 3,200 in the overall UK chart which is, I believe, the highest it had ever been outwith its original release. So I was hopeful…

Today I sat down and had a look at the sales and royalty reports for the past few weeks, and it made interesting reading.

I won’t list figures (to be perfectly honest they’re not that impressive, compared to my Forest Lord books at least), and I’m working things out in my head so it’s not going to be exact anyway, BUT, I’m guessing my royalties for Knight of the Cross have TRIPLED in the weeks since I raised the price.

I don’t believe I’ve sold any more copies, but neither have I sold less than I had been previously. So the royalty figure has jumped there. Furthermore, the average number of pages read in Kindle Unlimited has almost, I think, doubled. Presumably people see a book that costs $2.99 to buy outright and think it’s a more attractive option in KU than a 99c book that’s almost a freebie anyway.

Whatever the reasons might be, the figures are certainly up in every way – chart placing, books sold and pages read.

Again, I’ll just say, these aren’t huge numbers I’m talking about. My Forest Lord books do much better than either of my novellas but it seems clear to me that the raised price hasn’t harmed Knight of the Cross in any way. The opposite in fact.

So if you’re currently selling an ebook for 99p/99c and it’s not doing much, why not raise the price and see what happens? The great thing for authors is, if the experiment fails, you just drop things back to where they were, no harm done.*

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

Below is the reason I wanted to improve my earnings from Knight of the Cross: it’s the first of my books to be translated into another language (German). There was no point in me paying a translator to do this when it’d take me years to recoup their fees, so I’m hoping German historical fiction/fantasy fans will snap this up by the virtual wagonload.




*Incidentally, I’m going to leave my other novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, at 99p/99c, simply because I get the 70% royalty on that anyway since it’s in the Kindle Singles Programme, and I believe it’s good to offer ALL new readers a price point that appeals to them, just to hook them in. If some think £1.99/$2.99 is too much, they can still try the Friar Tuck novella by shelling out almost nothing. Or, they can get a completely  FREE short story, exclusive to my Email List subscribers, by joining here.


friar tuck and the christmas devil

Only 99c/99p





Want one of these for free?!

robin hood book spin off

Still celebrating the release of Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, I’m giving away signed books – already given out five signed copies to lucky winners and more to come over the weekend!

These three copies of my HP Lovecraft-inspired novella Knight of the Cross with brand new cover art just arrived so if you’d like to win one, it’s easy enough…

To enter, just follow the instructions I posted here yesterday:

All I ask is you spread the word on social media. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or wherever else you can, and email me to let me know you’ve done it at

I’ll draw names from the hat at random and I’ve a big pile of books to give away so…Folks on my mailing list will have other chances to win more so if you haven’t signed up yet, click here!

Buy Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil here for just 99p/ $1.49!

New cover art for Knight of the Cross

For some time now I’ve not been happy with the cover for my first novella, Knight of the Cross. It was my own design, pretty much, and I loved it at first, but it’s started to look kinda dated or something to me so I asked my cover designers to modify it somewhat, check it out.

The hooded figure in the background was their idea – I just wanted it plain black but I like that sinister hood now, it adds interest, I think.

This will be on the Kindle, paperback and Audible versions. Looking forward to seeing it on a paperback – it will work well!

Let me know what you think. I much prefer this to the original but my wife says the old one was better. Can’t win really!

best historical fiction novella

Dagon is coming…

Don’t forget too, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil is available to pre-order now and will be published this Friday, November 13th! Go here for it –

AND, the Rise of the Wolf audiobook is out now from Audible, head over there and treat yourself…

Knight of the Cross audiobook sample!

The full audiobook will be available from Audible/Amazon within the next couple of days. For now, here’s a short sample. Have a listen and share with your histfic loving friends!

The full production lasts just 2.5 hours so it will be, I imagine, very cheap. If you ever fancied trying out an audiobook but didn’t want to pay £15 or whatever, this will be ideal!

The Elder Sign…

 Not my pic, it's from a pendant you can buy here, just to give the artist/photographer credit where it's due:

“Here, take this and sleep with it by your side.” He pressed a small, flat stone into Sir Richard’s gauntleted hand and the knight examined it curiously. It was inscribed with the symbol they’d seen on the house on the outskirts of the town; a line with five smaller lines branching off it, like a tree. “It’ll protect you,” the merchant promised, “as it protects the buildings you’ve seen with the same stones outside. I must go now – if they discover I’m helping you they’ll kill me as they did my wife.”
He pulled away from the knight’s grasp and headed off into the shadows. “Come to me again if you need me. But act quickly – Dagon is coming!”

Knight of the Cross – just 77p/99c on Kindle, now! Paperback also available and audiobook will be on Audible within the next day or so!
And carving yourself a few stones with the Elder Sign on them might be a good idea in time for Hallowe’en

Not my pic BTW, it’s from a pendant you can buy here, just to give the artist/photographer credit where it’s due:…/hp-lovecraft-elder-sign-pendant…

Another new review with a GIVEAWAY!

Here’s another fantastic review of Knight of the Cross, this time by Stuart S. Laing from The Review blog group. If you leave a comment after the review you’ll be entered into a giveaway to win a signed copy of the paperback. What are you waiting for?!

“One aspect of this book which is wonderfully refreshing is how McKay uses modern folklore, created by the Internet generation, in such a way that it feels like genuine legends from the medieval age. Just as our ancestors once gathered around their fire-pits in roundhouses to tell stories through the long, dark winter nights, the Internet has become its modern equivalent where 21st century folklore is spawned and spread until it becomes familiar to many. ”