I have an agent!

I'm really excited to tell you that I finally have an agent! Josh Getzler from the HSG Agency in New York has agreed to take me on as a client. He read the unfinished first draft of The Druid and, well, it must be okay since he's going to represent me. This is a HUGE... Continue Reading →

Amazon Academy KDP event, EICC

I was invited along to be part of Amazon's Academy event in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre last Tuesday, 23rd May. This was mainly for small businesses but there was also a section dedicated to Kindle Direct Publishing, chaired by the head of KDP UK, Darren Hardy. I was on two of the panels during... Continue Reading →

Ritter des Kreuzes – Jetzt erhältlich!

    "Wirklich spannendes und gutes Buch!" 5* Jetzt erhältlich! Deutschland, UK, USA, Weltweit!  - getBook.at/RitterDesKreuzes Auf mysteriöse Weise verschwinden mehrere Menschen in einem kleinen Dorf auf Rhodos. Als zudem drei Mitlieder des Johanniter-Ordens vermisst werde, sendet der Großmeister Foulques de Villaret den englischen Richter Sir Richard at Lee aus, um in dem Fall zu ermitteln.... Continue Reading →

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