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Ritter des Kreuzes – Jetzt erhältlich!



german translation

Jetzt erhaltlich

“Wirklich spannendes und gutes Buch!” 5* Jetzt erhältlich!

Deutschland, UK, USA, Weltweit!  –

Auf mysteriöse Weise verschwinden mehrere Menschen in einem kleinen Dorf auf Rhodos. Als zudem drei Mitlieder des Johanniter-Ordens vermisst werde, sendet der Großmeister Foulques de Villaret den englischen Richter Sir Richard at Lee aus, um in dem Fall zu ermitteln.

Gemeinsam mit seinem Waffenmeister Jacob stößt er bei den Einheimischen auf eine Mauer des Schweigens. Er ahnt nicht, dass sich dahinter eine Verschwörung verbirgt. In einem Strudel aus Aberglauben und okkulten Riten, wird nicht nur sein Leben bedroht, vielmehr gerät er an den Abgrund seines Verstandes.

„Ein großartiges, actionreiches Lesevergnügen, in dem trotz der Kürze einer Novella der Autor eine spannende Idee umgesetzt hat.“ Matthew Harffy, Autor von „The Serpent Sword“.

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Blood of the Wolf

Just wanted to post a little update since I haven’t said anything here for a while, so…

The fourth and final Forest Lord book is coming along nicely (if a little slower than I’d like) – I read through it the other day and rather enjoyed it, which is always a relief!

Look out for it this summer. I believe it will be called BLOOD OF THE WOLF but that may change.I feel like I need to wrap the series up with something of a bang so expect fireworks…
In the meantime I’m really happy to see Wolf’s Head still doing so well, even managing to reach number one again today in one of Amazon’s charts.

If you haven’t read it yet you can get it here, worldwide:


Neil Gaiman, “Stardust” and Salman Rushdie, “Satanic Verses” for company!


All of my books at number 1 on Amazon!

Yessss!!!!! I’ve just had a call out from the day-job to go and put money in someone’s gas meter but spotted this as I was getting ready to go.

All five of my books at number 1 in their categories, with the Forest Lord series all in the overall UK top 30!
I’m so pleased, thank you everyone who’s bought them, left nice reviews and spread the word. It really is like a Christmas miracle!

Special thanks to Amazon KDP for putting the Forest Lord books in their Kindle Daily Deal yesterday.

PRE-ORDER for Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil up now!

PRE-ORDER is up for Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil!

UK – just 99p –

USA – $1.49 I believe –

You can also pre-order the paperback and there will be an Audible/iTunes version available soon too!

robin hood

Phil Rose reads his foreword.

Alright Phil Rose fans, wanna hear that famous Friar Tuck voice again? Well, Phil hasn’t just written a foreword for my new novella, he’s read it too. It will be included in the Audible/iTunes version (assuming it passes the quality control tests at Audible but I can’t see that being an issue). The rest of the audio will be read by my usual narrator Nick Ellsworth.
Here’s a very short snippet so you can hear that magical voice again. To hear the rest look out for the audiobook this November!

Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil COVER REVEAL!

This is the first draft, although it will probably end up just like this as I think it’s perfect! Like it?

As you can see from the artwork, the novella is going to be part of the Kindle Singles programme! I’m really excited about the whole project – it’s been great fun to write and will hopefully bring some cheer to people all around the world this winter.

Keep an eye on this page or my Facebook page for the release dates of each format. I’ll also be doing giveaways for signed copies of the paperback and free codes for the Audible version closer to December with extra goodies for people signed up to my Email List so…if you’re not on it, sign up HERE now!


robin hood


Friar Tuck has written a foreword for my new novella!

Yes, it’s true, the REAL Friar Tuck – Phil Rose from Robin of Sherwood – has written the foreword for my forthcoming novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

Robin of Sherwood book

Phil as Friar Tuck with Michael Praed (Robin Hood)

Robin of Sherwood was produced by HTV and ran from 1984-1986, making huge stars of guys like Michael Praed, Jason Connery, Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle and, of course, Phil Rose. I’d never really watched the show until a few years ago when I checked it out to see if I could get any ideas for my own version of the Robin Hood legend. I loved it and bought the whole lot on DVD. The camaraderie of the actors shone through so well on the screen and I could see why it’s still loved by so many people around the world. Phil and the rest of the cast are reprising their roles for a new audio production called “The Knights of the Apocalypse” which has really caused great excitement for fans of the show.

When Phil heard about my novella (via his friend Carole Elizabeth Ballard, who runs his official Facebook page) he kindly offered to write a foreword and I’m very pleased to say he has come through. I’ve read it and it’s great. He will also, hopefully, read it for the audiobook version although Nick Ellsworth will narrate the rest of the story as usual.

Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil will be available to pre-order – hopefully in ALL formats (Kindle, paperback and audio) on November 1st this year. Less than a month! Get your mulled wine ready!

Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil

Phil nowadays.

Signed books and posters. Get ’em while they’re hot!

I’ve just had another delivery of Rise of the Wolf paperbacks, and still have 5 or 6 posters left from the short run I did. So if you fancy a signed copy of any of the books and/or a poster, just email me at!

£6 per poster including P+P (£7 worldwide)

£12 per signed book including P+P (£13 worldwide)

If you want more than one thing, P+P will be much cheaper. I posted a full set of books and a poster – all signed – the other day and it was only £2.80 postage, which is the same as it is for ONE of the items! Silly Post Office prices…

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robin hood poster

The Christmas Devil extract

This is from my work-in-progress Friar Tuck novella The Christmas Devil which will be available to pre-order in November. Here, an old peasant has come home to find a devil/demon is in his house. The neighbours have gathered and one has sent his faithful old dog into the peasant’s house to investigate but things have gone quiet…

“It’s your house.”

Ivor nodded bravely, squaring his shoulders and hauling himself up to full height. It was his house right enough – he should be first inside.

One of the men offered him a short club and he took it with a grim nod of thanks then stepped forward to grasp the door handle. He could hear nothing from inside and his imagination conjured the most hideous demons, picturing them tearing James’s poor dog apart with terrific yet silent violence.

He drew a deep breath, hefted the length of wood he’d been given and reached a hand forward to push the door open wide enough for him to follow the hound inside.

Before he could touch the iron latch though, a great black shape appeared, pushing its hellish body hard against him and, with a scream of terror Ivor fell backwards, arms flailing, onto the snow-covered grass, trying to use his elbows and feet to drag himself away from the satanic presence that had hauled its loathsome carcass from his home.

The near-hysterical laughter of his fellow villagers brought him backto his senses though. It was no devil that had burst forth and attacked him; it was the dog, and it was currently doing a shit in the snow right beside him much to the amusement of the gathered locals.

James came forward, peering inside the doorway, and waved a hand dismissively.

“There’s nothing there. Whatever made those hoofprints is gone; the place is empty.”