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Yorkshire, 1325 AD

“Your brother ain’t here lass,” the man spat, stepping towards her. “And this time you are going for a swim.”

There was a snap and a shocking blur of motion as an arrow tore from the thick summer foliage behind the girl and hit the approaching man’s thigh. The missile buried itself in the muscle so hard that it knocked him off his feet and he screamed in agony as the excited dogs began barking and straining at the ropes that tethered them to the cart. In contrast, the great brown bear in the cage looked on in silence.

“My brother IS here, lad,” Marjorie hissed, eyes moving from the fallen man to his stunned companions. “And so are his friends.”


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  2. Never read your books before but I couldn’t put it down trying to find your other books at the moment absolutely brilliant read can’t wait to read your other ones


    1. Hi Anthony, thank you so much! Sorry, for some reason I never got a notification about your comment so it was stuck in the spam file until I just noticed it by accident. Thank you again, I hope you enjoy all the books and stick with me for the new series and the adventures of Bellicus the druid!


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