Forest Lord series in Amazon’s Monthly Deals. 99p each!

The Forest Lord series - just 99p each in Amazon's Monthly Kindle Deal for May 2017!

All the Forest Lord novels are just 99p during May. Under £4 for the complete set, bargain!
Don’t forget, Wolf’s Head is also FREE to Amazon Prime members in the USA for a time as well.

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Only 99c over Easter!


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PRE-ORDER for Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil up now!

PRE-ORDER is up for Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil!

UK – just 99p –

USA – $1.49 I believe –

You can also pre-order the paperback and there will be an Audible/iTunes version available soon too!

robin hood

Wolf’s Head on special offer again

Kindle version, on, is only 99c, for today only! If you haven’t already bought it, now is the ideal time. And if you have, well, now is the ideal time to tell your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, hated enemies etc to grab a copy….


On the new book, Rise of the Wolf, I’m just adding some little extra scenes and it will be about ready to go. I’ll share a new extract over the weekend to, hopefully, whet your appetite!

The Wolf and the Raven on special offer!

The Wolf and the Raven – book two in The Forest Lord series – is on special offer on for a short while as part of a Kindle Countdown promotion. Normal price is $3.99, it will be just $0.99 for a couple of days, then the price will rise in increments until it’s back to up to RRP… if you’re looking for a good read, what are you waiting for? Check it out, and tell your friends! Don’t forget, if you buy the ebook you can then add the Audible narration at a much reduced rate. Bargains all round…!

4.5 stars average rating from 68 reviews.

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The Elder Sign…

 Not my pic, it's from a pendant you can buy here, just to give the artist/photographer credit where it's due:

“Here, take this and sleep with it by your side.” He pressed a small, flat stone into Sir Richard’s gauntleted hand and the knight examined it curiously. It was inscribed with the symbol they’d seen on the house on the outskirts of the town; a line with five smaller lines branching off it, like a tree. “It’ll protect you,” the merchant promised, “as it protects the buildings you’ve seen with the same stones outside. I must go now – if they discover I’m helping you they’ll kill me as they did my wife.”
He pulled away from the knight’s grasp and headed off into the shadows. “Come to me again if you need me. But act quickly – Dagon is coming!”

Knight of the Cross – just 77p/99c on Kindle, now! Paperback also available and audiobook will be on Audible within the next day or so!
And carving yourself a few stones with the Elder Sign on them might be a good idea in time for Hallowe’en

Not my pic BTW, it’s from a pendant you can buy here, just to give the artist/photographer credit where it’s due:…/hp-lovecraft-elder-sign-pendant…