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USA readers – #AmazonGiveaway for a paperback copy of Wolf’s Head (The Forest Lord 1). No Purchase Necessary:

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And a worldwide giveaway on Goodreads for a signed copy of Knight of the Cross!

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Don’t forget, Wolf’s Head is still FREE on Kindle to US Amazon Prime members, and the entire series of Forest Lord novels are just 99p each on Amazon UK during May! The good thing is, if you buy any of them at this reduced rate, you can also get the Audible versions at a reduced rate so what are you waiting for?

The Forest Lord series - just 99p each in Amazon's Monthly Kindle Deal for May 2017!



“The Rescue” – a brand new FREE short story!

“Your brother ain’t here lass,” the man spat, stepping towards her. “And this time you are going for a swim.”
There was a snap and a shocking blur of motion as an arrow tore from the thick summer foliage behind the girl and embedded itself in the approaching man’s thigh. The missile buried itself in the muscle so hard that it knocked him off his feet and he screamed in agony as the excited dogs began barking and straining at the ropes that tethered them to the big cart.
In contrast, the great brown bear in the cage looked on in silence.
“My brother is here, lad,” Marjorie hissed, eyes moving from the fallen man to his stunned companions. “And so are his friends.”
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Blood of the Wolf is nearly ready!

Sorry, I’ve been quiet recently and it’s down to the fact we’ve been having building work done on our house. So I’ve been painting and using a caulk gun for the first time in years and it’s meant work on the new book has been put on hold, just a little.
It IS almost finished though – I’m literally about to write the final scenes. Once that’s done I’ll just need to go back and add in any little bits that needed researched (Stephen’s history will be in this one for example) and then it’ll be off to the editor in mid-July.
It should be ready for publication sometime in August which isn’t that long to wait, right? I need to make sure I get everything spot-on for this, since it’s the very last book in the series and I want it to be memorable.
I do plan on writing a Will Scarlet novella which will be set AFTER Blood of the Wolf so that’ll be a stop-gap until the brand new series can get started…..
Other than that, the German version of Knight of the Cross was in a free promo on and hit the overall top 20 which was amazing. I hopefully gained hundreds of new, German-speaking, readers with that one. I also reached a real milestone with over 5,000 audiobook sales in the past two years. Having listened to each of them myself I can honestly say Nick Ellsworth does an amazing job of reading them. Check them out if you haven’t already – anyone owning the Kindle version gets the audio at a reduced rate!

In general, all the books continue to do well in the UK but PLEASE,  leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you haven’t already. It really does help buyers. In fact, I tell you what – if you leave a new review today on ANY worldwide Amazon site, email me at or use the CONTACT button on here to let me know and I’ll put your name in the hat for a signed book! Particularly looking for reviews in places like India, Spain, Germany, Canada and Australia but I’m overjoyed with every good review I get no matter where it is.

Phew, that was a long one, I hope I didn’t lose anyone halfway through!

Have a great summer everyone, forget the EU referendum, Trump/Clinton or whatever political woes face your country, and just chill out in the sunshine with a cool drink, a good book, and remember – we’re only here for a short time so make the most of it!

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The Wolf will Rise…Friday July 31st 2015!

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Yep, I’ve been waiting on feedback from beta-readers, changing things, tightening this and that and now I can tell you, Rise of the Wolf will be published next Friday, July 31 2015. Assuming I get the files all sorted and uploaded in time of course…

Obviously there won’t be a long pre-order period for it. I’ll hopefully have it listed to go on Amazon on Thursday night (GMT) – my reasons for this will be made clear in a blog post about it very soon. Ultimately, I’d like as many people as possible to buy the book the day it comes out, or as soon as they can, so it gets a good chart placing.

I’ll be offering prizes to everyone on my mailing list that buys Rise on day one – signed copies of each book, including the new one; free downloads of the audio books; Amazon gift cards… If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list yet, CLICK HERE

Please help me promote the launch by: buying your copy as soon as you can; using the Twitter hashtag #RiseOfTheWolf; leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads once you’ve finished it; sharing it all with your friends on Facebook etc… In short, let’s get the word out!

In the meantime, I’ve listed the book on Goodreads and there’s a giveaway to enter. Two copies, signed, up for grabs so check it out:


RotW final FINAL!

Want a signed copy of The Wolf & The Raven?

To celebrate the imminent release of The Wolf & The Raven audiobook I’m giving away a couple of signed copies of the paperback version on Goodreads. Free to enter so click the link and good luck!

The audiobook has been completed, just waiting on it being approved so it should, all being well, be available from Audible and iTunes within the next few days!

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Want a free signed copy of Knight of the Cross?



Free to enter Goodreads giveaway, open worldwide! Go on, have a go. The novella came out yesterday and, thanks to both beta-readers and first day buyers who managed to get through it super-fast, it has 10 great reviews on Amazon UK so far!







Want a signed copy of The Wolf and the Raven for FREE?

I have some spare paperback copies of Wolf’s Head and The Wolf and the Raven here so thought I’d sign a couple and offer them as prizes in a giveaway.

This is for people that have read and left a review of either of my books on Amazon or Goodreads or whatever (preferably Wolf and the Raven as that’s the newest and could do with a few more!). If you’ve left a review somewhere , just send me a message to let me know (with a link to the review) and I’ll put your name in the hat to win a signed book. You can choose which one.

I’ll leave this open for a couple of weeks so, if you haven’t got around to posting your review yet, now’s the time. This is open worldwide so get posting those reviews even if you’re in India or Canada or wherever!

Contact me through this site or email me at

Here’s an example of some so far (if you’re one of the two that left a 1 star review, don’t bother entering, I can guarantee you won’t win! :-p )


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Signed paperback giveaway – FREEBIE time!

If you’d like to win a signed copy of either of my two books, head on over to my Facebook page and follow the instructions! All you need to do is SHARE the page and let me know you’ve done it, it’s as simple as that. 🙂 Head on over!

“OK, it’s been a while since I hosted a giveaway, and I’ve got a few copies of both books sitting here looking for a good home. So…if you’d like to win a signed paperback of Wolf’s Head or The Wolf and the Raven (your choice which one) just SHARE this PAGE on your timeline (there’s a SHARE button on the banner up top ^^^). Spread the word to all your friends, get them on board, and post a comment right here to let me know you’ve done it. I’ll pick two winners in a few days! Good luck and thanks all 
Share the PAGE remember, not this post! I think you may have to click on the three little dots on the banner, and that opens a drop down menu with “Share” in the list, that’s the one we want!”