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Don’t forget, Wolf’s Head is still FREE on Kindle to US Amazon Prime members, and the entire series of Forest Lord novels are just 99p each on Amazon UK during May! The good thing is, if you buy any of them at this reduced rate, you can also get the Audible versions at a reduced rate so what are you waiting for?

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Knight of the Cross on special offer

Just a quick note…

My novella, Knight of the Cross, is on special offer this weekend as part of the Kindle Countdown Deal thingy. Only 99p/99c (I believe this will include other countries too but I have no control over that side).
Click HERE, or on the pic below, to go to your country’s Amazon page and check it out! Let your friends know too!

Blood of the Wolf is coming along nicely. I’ll be sending it to my editor within the next couple of weeks so it should be ready for publication – hopefully! – in August, depending on how much she thinks needs changed.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget…

Dagon is coming!


Translating your books? Easier than you’d think…

I know a lot of you are self-published writers, and you might have thought about having your work translated. Find out how I did it here, on the Writers & Artists Yearbook website:


As for Blood of the Wolf – it’s coming along nicely. Almost finished the first draft. Roll on summer! Might even manage another novella starring Will Scarlet before I move onto my next series…

The Art and Magick of pricing ebooks…part 2!

You may remember I decided to try a little experiment with my novella Knight of the Cross recently. Since it was published a year and a half or so ago it’s been priced at 77p/99p in the UK and 99c in the USA. Sales have never been great despite good reviews, and at such a low price with the 35% royalty from Amazon KDP I was making almost nothing from it.

Knight Of The Cross-Audible-Front-des2

Also available from Audible, and it’s dirt cheap if you already own the Kindle version!

So I pushed the price up to £1.99 UK/ $2.99 USA almost a month ago. I hoped that even if the sales didn’t go up, the improved 70% royalty would at least let me make a little from each copy someone read.

The experiment seemed to pay off immediately as, for some reason, the novella’s average chart placing jumped from about 15,000 to 7,000, with the highest position being around 3,200 in the overall UK chart which is, I believe, the highest it had ever been outwith its original release. So I was hopeful…

Today I sat down and had a look at the sales and royalty reports for the past few weeks, and it made interesting reading.

I won’t list figures (to be perfectly honest they’re not that impressive, compared to my Forest Lord books at least), and I’m working things out in my head so it’s not going to be exact anyway, BUT, I’m guessing my royalties for Knight of the Cross have TRIPLED in the weeks since I raised the price.

I don’t believe I’ve sold any more copies, but neither have I sold less than I had been previously. So the royalty figure has jumped there. Furthermore, the average number of pages read in Kindle Unlimited has almost, I think, doubled. Presumably people see a book that costs $2.99 to buy outright and think it’s a more attractive option in KU than a 99c book that’s almost a freebie anyway.

Whatever the reasons might be, the figures are certainly up in every way – chart placing, books sold and pages read.

Again, I’ll just say, these aren’t huge numbers I’m talking about. My Forest Lord books do much better than either of my novellas but it seems clear to me that the raised price hasn’t harmed Knight of the Cross in any way. The opposite in fact.

So if you’re currently selling an ebook for 99p/99c and it’s not doing much, why not raise the price and see what happens? The great thing for authors is, if the experiment fails, you just drop things back to where they were, no harm done.*

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on!

Below is the reason I wanted to improve my earnings from Knight of the Cross: it’s the first of my books to be translated into another language (German). There was no point in me paying a translator to do this when it’d take me years to recoup their fees, so I’m hoping German historical fiction/fantasy fans will snap this up by the virtual wagonload.




*Incidentally, I’m going to leave my other novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, at 99p/99c, simply because I get the 70% royalty on that anyway since it’s in the Kindle Singles Programme, and I believe it’s good to offer ALL new readers a price point that appeals to them, just to hook them in. If some think £1.99/$2.99 is too much, they can still try the Friar Tuck novella by shelling out almost nothing. Or, they can get a completely  FREE short story, exclusive to my Email List subscribers, by joining here.


friar tuck and the christmas devil

Only 99c/99p





The art and magick of…pricing eBooks!

Sorry, if you were looking for a definitive, comprehensive guide on how to price your ebooks I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. Because, just like art and magick, there’s no one right way to do things – it’s about experimentation and finding a balance that works for you.

So, rather than me being some guru about to tell you how to do things, I’m actually looking for input from YOU, as readers first and foremost but also from other authors who’ve tried different prices for their work.

When I first started writing my novella Knight of the Cross I planned on selling it for 99p/ $0.99. I hoped the tiny price would draw in new readers who might not take a punt on my full-length, full price novels. Unfortunately, that really hasn’t happened. In my experience readers don’t really want to buy a novella from me. By pricing it so low I also only get 35% royalty from Amazon – that amounts to just 23p for each sale. Considering I paid to have the cover art made (twice, since I wanted to update it) and hired my usual editor to work with me on it, you can imagine how many thousands of copies I’d have to sell to make back my outlay, never mind actually make a profit.

Knight Of The Cross-pb-eb-des2

But, despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews and that bargain low price, people just haven’t really bought KotC the way they’ve bought the other, “full-price”, books.

Today I was looking at the prices of other ebooks on Amazon and noticed that there’s loads of people selling similar stuff for £2+. Even books that are the same length or even shorter than KotC‘s 23,300 word count!

There is an argument that selling your work for 99p devalues it, and readers assume it must be crap or it wouldn’t be so cheap – and that results in few sales.

So, as a little experiment I’ve put the price of that particular novella up to $2.99 US/ £1.99 UK (also opening up Amazon’s 70% royalty rate). Or, if you buy the paperback you get the Kindle version for free, and, if you buy the Kindle version first you can add the Audible version to it for a much reduced rate. So there’s still value to be had.

My other novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil is still only 99p/99c – as that’s part of the Kindle Singles Programme I get 70% royalty on that one even at the lower price. Furthermore, new readers looking for a great way to try out my work can get the completely FREE Little John short story “The Escape” just for signing up to my Email List.

Perhaps my experiment will fail miserably and the low sales of KotC will drop even further with the higher price. Time will tell.

Let me know what you think! If you’ve already read Knight of the Cross, do you think it’s still fairly priced at £1.99? And if you haven’t read it yet, would you be much less likely to buy it for that price than 99p?

And other authors – what say you? Have you found the ideal way to price your ebooks? If so – please share it with us!


Anyone fancy a FREE signed copy of KNIGHT OF THE CROSS?


Knight Of The Cross-pb-eb-des2

I’ve got some spare copies of my novella Knight of the Cross here, just hanging around smoking and drinking cider and acting like unruly teenagers so I thought I’d try and find them a good home.

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Cigarettes and Scrumpy just out of shot

If you fancy a chance of winning a signed copy all you have to do is sign up for my Email List HERE, and send me an email at

to let me know you’ve done it. I’ll pop your name in the hat and I’ll post worldwide so get on it!

I even have some copies left with the original cover art which is no longer available, so the winners can choose whichever one they prefer.

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All of my books at number 1 on Amazon!

Yessss!!!!! I’ve just had a call out from the day-job to go and put money in someone’s gas meter but spotted this as I was getting ready to go.

All five of my books at number 1 in their categories, with the Forest Lord series all in the overall UK top 30!
I’m so pleased, thank you everyone who’s bought them, left nice reviews and spread the word. It really is like a Christmas miracle!

Special thanks to Amazon KDP for putting the Forest Lord books in their Kindle Daily Deal yesterday.