The art and magick of…pricing eBooks!

Sorry, if you were looking for a definitive, comprehensive guide on how to price your ebooks I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place. Because, just like art and magick, there's no one right way to do things - it's about experimentation and finding a balance that works for you. So, rather than me being... Continue Reading →

Anyone fancy a FREE signed copy of KNIGHT OF THE CROSS?

  I've got some spare copies of my novella Knight of the Cross here, just hanging around smoking and drinking ciderĀ and acting like unruly teenagers so I thought I'd try and find them a good home. If you fancy a chance of winning a signed copy all you have to do is sign up for... Continue Reading →

Want one of these for free?!

Still celebrating the release of Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil, I'm giving away signed books - already given out five signed copies to lucky winners and more to come over the weekend! These three copies of my HP Lovecraft-inspired novella Knight of the Cross with brand new cover art just arrived so if you'd... Continue Reading →

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