THE DRUID audiobook – cover reveal!

Yeah, okay, it's not THAT much of a reveal since you could probably tell exactly what it would look like but's pretty exciting for me! I think it looks fantastic and will hopefully draw in listeners once it goes live on Audible and iTunes in a few weeks. I have heard Nick Denton reading... Continue Reading →

Why I’m working on two separate books – Song of the Centurion & Lucia

I find it really hard to switch between writing projects because I like to get right inside the heads of my characters and the period each novel is set in. Yet, right now, I'm working on the sequel to The Druid, called Song of the Centurion, and also a standalone novel about a young girl taken to Britannia... Continue Reading →

Audible audiobook review roundup Jan 2017

Here's a few short reviews of the audiobooks I've been listening to over recent weeks. Check them all out on Audible! Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert Read by Simon Vance although his name isnt listed first in the credits for some reason I enjoyed this but, let's be honest - only the first book in... Continue Reading →

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