Forest Lord series in Amazon’s Monthly Deals. 99p each!

The Forest Lord series - just 99p each in Amazon's Monthly Kindle Deal for May 2017!

All the Forest Lord novels are just 99p during May. Under £4 for the complete set, bargain!
Don’t forget, Wolf’s Head is also FREE to Amazon Prime members in the USA for a time as well.

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All of my books at number 1 on Amazon!

Yessss!!!!! I’ve just had a call out from the day-job to go and put money in someone’s gas meter but spotted this as I was getting ready to go.

All five of my books at number 1 in their categories, with the Forest Lord series all in the overall UK top 30!
I’m so pleased, thank you everyone who’s bought them, left nice reviews and spread the word. It really is like a Christmas miracle!

Special thanks to Amazon KDP for putting the Forest Lord books in their Kindle Daily Deal yesterday.

The Forest Lord series on offer PLUS a new extract from the next book!

All three of my Forest Lord books are part of today’s UK Amazon Kindle DAILY DEAL. Each book is at a special hugely reduced price for today ONLY. Get the full set of three for just £2.97 or one each for 99p.

If you haven’t read them yet, or simply need to complete your collection today is the day to do it!

Go HERE to find out more.

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And, as a bonus, here’s an extract from the fourth and final Forest Lord book (as yet untitled).

This follows two brand new characters (well, sort of…) as they meet a couple of genuinely unsavoury outlaws who played a small part in Rise of the Wolf…It was literally written tonight so un-edited. Enjoy!



The cry was high-pitched but filled with aggression.

With the promise of violence.

Philip stopped dead in his tracks, eyes scanning the foliage all around them.

“Who said that?” Eoin rumbled. “Show yourself.”

A small man stepped out from behind the massive trunk of an old yew tree, longsword in hand. He had an unkempt beard, dark eyes, and appeared to be utterly filthy. And yet, when he grimaced at them, Philip was surprised by the fellow’s full set of almost white teeth.

“You two look like you can handle yourself,” the small man noted. “So I won’t get any closer.” He laughed unpleasantly. “Take my word for it though, if you don’t do as I say my mates will fill you with arrows so quick you’ll die looking like a pair of giant fucking hedgehogs. Drop your weapons and throw your purses over here. Quick now. Those hares strung around your neck too.”

Eoin glanced down at Philip, who simply nodded and slipped his coin-purse – which was as good as empty – from his belt and tossed it onto the ground in front of the robber. Eoin followed suit, although his purse really was empty, and so light it flopped sadly to the ground only a short distance away from him.

“Oh for fuck sake,” the little robber spat in disgust. “Is that it? You two were hardly worth it.” He held up a hand and, with an air of bored resignation, spoke to the trees.

“Kill the big bastard first. I’ll deal with the other one myself.”

Philip dropped instantly, and swung his leg around, tripping Eoin just as an arrow tore through the air where they’d been standing.

He pushed himself back up onto one knee and drew his dagger.

“Get that little bastard,” he growled.

The thief brought his sword back, ready to charge, but Philip swept up a short, stout branch from the forest floor and threw it at his face. The man parried it just in time but the manoeuvre left him off balance, and the huge weight of Eoin barrelled viciously into him. They fell onto the ground with a thud that Philip imagined he could feel as well as hear.

“Hold him down,” he shouted to Eoin. “By the neck!”

He turned and addressed the trees and bushes all around them, a grin splitting his face as if this was a great game.

“You out there – you can shoot us, but my big friend there will snap your leader’s neck before he dies. Or, you can come out and we can talk.”

Eoin wasn’t just holding the downed robber; outraged at the attack, his hands were squeezing inexorably on the man’s throat.

“All right, all right!”

A man no older than thirty, longbow in hand but with – in stark contrast to his downed friend, no front teeth at all – slipped out from his hiding place to their rear. “Leave him be, let him up. We didn’t plan on killing you –”

“Just on taking all our money and leaving us as good as dead in the middle of the forest?” Philip finished the man’s sentence sarcastically. “Well, as you can see…” he retrieved the coin-purses he and Eoin had dropped and emptied them into his hand. “We haven’t got any fucking money. Did have, but we left it behind in Holmfirth when the law chased us out.”

Eoin had let the small robber up by now and they stood glaring at one another now: the giant and the purple-faced, breathless thief.

Philip gazed across at the little man, sizing him up, and came to the conclusion he’d rather go toe-to-toe with Eoin.

The dark-eyed robber had a maniacal gleam in his eye that was deeply disturbing. They’d need to be careful around this one although…if they could get him on their side…

“Come,” he smiled, walking forward and grasping the robber’s hand. “We’re all outlaws together aren’t we? You must be as hungry as we are.”

He reached up and pulled the hares on the string around his shoulders over his head with a grin. “Let’s eat.”

Q&A with my narrator Nick Ellsworth – James Bond and more!

robin hood book narrator

Rise of the Wolf is out NOW from Audible, so hopefully you haven’t used your monthly credit yet. It should also be available on iTunes soon. And that’s not all – Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil is also available to pre-order from Audible, you’ll be able to listen to it on November 13th!

To celebrate, here’s a Q&A I did with my excellent narrator, Nick Ellsworth. Enjoy!


Collaborating with someone on a project has to work in more than just the obvious ways. Anyone that’s ever been in a band will know it doesn’t matter how good your music sounds if you just don’t get on with the other musicians!

I’d heard some horror stories when I first started looking for a narrator to produce Wolf’s Head so I was very pleased to find Nick Ellsworth. Someone who not only sounded great but completed the project quickly with very little input needed from me. He’s since produced all of my books (five so far) and has been a pleasure to work with each and every time. If you’re looking for someone to read your novel, check him out on the ACX website, but first, read this…

You’re a busy man – can you list your resume in terms of acting/voice-over work?

As an actor I’ve worked for the RoyalShakespeare Company, The Royal Court, Hampstead Theatre and various theatres up and down the country. I’ve done some TV stuff including a recent episode of The US series, ‘Bones”. As a young actor I had small parts in the movies, “The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘Force Ten From Navarone’.

What was your favourite job, ever?

Probably playing a despicable villain in a play called, ‘Heaven and Hell’.

What’s it like doing voice-over work compared to TV or film? Is there much difference?

Voice over work can be much more concentrated as the scripts tend to be much shorter than performing in TV or film, but voicing a TV commercial for example, you can spend up to an hour just working on a few words and getting it exactly how the client wants it.

robin hood booksWhen I’m writing a book I have a file with a list of characters and what they look like, height, hair colour, etc. Do you have similar audio files, with snippets of each voice you do for characters, so they’re consistent?

No, but if a character comes up again later on in a book or a later book in the same series, I’ll refer back to previous voice files to refresh my memory, regarding the voice I used.

Speaking of your accents – are you a Yorkshireman? You do a very convincing version of that one, almost as if it’s natural, which is, obviously, perfect for my books. One listener told me she thought your Yorkshire accent was sexy!

Well, I was born and brought up in N. Wales, but my family on my mother’s side are from the Manchester area, so I grew up around people with strong northern accents.

kindle singles


You’ve produced all of my books now, including the Xmas novella. Which did you enjoy narrating the most?

I’ve enjoyed reading all of them, but the last one, the Friar Tuck novella, I thought was totally captivating with its blend of religion, folk-lore, courage, humour and adventure. All set around the magical time of Christmas!

Who would you choose to narrate a book you’d written?

I really like Peter Firth’s voice, who was one of the leads in the spy series, ‘Spooks’. I think he has a great reading voice.

Of course you HAVE written books – my own daughter read one or two of them even before we started working together. Tell us a bit about them.

I’ve written picture books for very young children and short stories for older children. I’ve also written an anthology of bible stories and a re-telling of famous fairytales. You can find most of them on my Amazon homepage.

robin hood novelWhat future projects do you have lined up (until my final Forest Lord novel needs your talents)?

I’ve written a comedy series for radio which I’m trying to sell and have a booking for a radio commercial for the ‘Most Haunted’ TV series and am presenting an awards ceremony for the Heathrow Academy. Most excitingly, at the beginning of November I’m heading off to the US for 7 weeks. I’ll be visiting friends in LA and San Francisco, playing a little poker in Vegas, then shooting off to Washington DC to spend Christmas with my brother and his wife. Should be fun! (providing I don’t lose too much at the poker tables!)

Thanks for doing this interview, enjoy your Christmas!

You can contact Nick via his website

Signed books and posters. Get ’em while they’re hot!

I’ve just had another delivery of Rise of the Wolf paperbacks, and still have 5 or 6 posters left from the short run I did. So if you fancy a signed copy of any of the books and/or a poster, just email me at!

£6 per poster including P+P (£7 worldwide)

£12 per signed book including P+P (£13 worldwide)

If you want more than one thing, P+P will be much cheaper. I posted a full set of books and a poster – all signed – the other day and it was only £2.80 postage, which is the same as it is for ONE of the items! Silly Post Office prices…

Don’t forget to sign up for my Mailing List – I just gave away a free signed poster there and more free, signed goodies will follow, especially once my new novella, Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil comes out this winter! Might have some exciting news about that too, shortly…

robin hood poster

Rise of the Wolf posters are here!

Anyone fancy a Rise of the Wolf poster for their wall?

robin hood

Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would be interested so I initially only ordered a couple of these to give away as little prizes to readers. Then a dozen or so of my Facebook followers said they’d like one so…I ordered a few more. If you would like one, and will actually put it on your wall (as opposed to hide it in a drawer!) let me know.

UK orders will be just £6 INCLUDING POSTAGE AND A WEE TUBE TO PACK IT IN (I hope – not been to the post office to check the postage costs yet). Worldwide should only be an extra £1 onto that.

If you’re mad enough to want it signed, I will of course do that for no extra cost. Already done a couple already actually!

In other news, I finished the first draft of my Friar Tuck novella, The Christmas Devil, last night. It should be good. Look out for the pre-order this November!

Signed copies of Rise of the Wolf!

Now we’re cooking. 15 copies of the new book! Will get any sent out to those that have still to get one, and if anyone wants to buy a signed copy, message me and we’ll sort it. Still got some copies of the older books too if anyone wants to buy signed copies of those.

It’s still at number 1 in one of the Amazon charts so thank you to everyone that’s bought it. Keep the reviews coming!

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Amazon KDP – to use the pre-order option or not?

robin hood

This is actually the second draft of a post I wrote three weeks ago, before the publication of my new book, Rise of the Wolf. I’ve had to completely change the post in the near-three weeks since Rise has been available as things didn’t quite go as I expected!

My previous book, The Wolf and the Raven, which came out in April 2014, was available for readers to pre-order which was excellent as – at that point – indie authors weren’t able to do that. Amazon allowed me to do it because I was going to be publishing the novel while I was part of their team at the London Book Fair. On day one, The Wolf and the Raven hit number 1 in the WAR chart while Wolf’s Head reached number 2. It was fantastic to see, as you can imagine.

So that was my prior experience of using the pre-order facility. It was exciting to see the book listed for people to buy before it was actually available, but when it came out and I thought about it, and spoke to a couple of other authors, it seemed to us like a pre-order might actually be counter-productive. The best promotion for your Kindle book is to get it as high in the charts as possible, right? Then the Amazon algorithms apparently start showing it to lots of readers, who in turn go and buy it, and it snowballs, we hope.

So, I thought it might perhaps be better to NOT do a pre-order for Rise of the Wolf, but instead to try and get as many people as possible to buy the book on the day it came out. THAT, I was sure, would fire it higher up the charts than sales coming in in dribs-and-drabs over a period of two weeks or whatever it might be before it was actually published.

Well, my plan didn’t quite come together, despite lots of my readers doing their bit by buying and sharing the news on social media etc.

You see, Amazon’s system, while being fantastic, doesn’t work instantly. When you hit the “publish” button on your book it doesn’t appear at that moment on Amazon, all nicely linked in to your paperback edition and your other books in the same series. All that takes a matter of hours or even days! Ditto your chart placing, and your author page and the various different international Amazon sites… The system takes a while to catch up and put it all together. In the end, although Rise of the Wolf has been sitting at number 1 in the “Historical biographical fiction” chart on Amazon UK for a few days now, it did NOT make that big, day one leap that I’d prayed for.

What I failed to realise is that Amazon has changed since I published The Wolf and the Raven a year ago. Now indies can do pre-orders. Just take a look at the WAR chart, “Hot New Releases” section. See a pattern? That’s right, none of the books are out yet. They are ALL pre-orders. It’s a whole chart promoting books that aren’t even available. And people are buying them in huge numbers.

When those books come out and are actually available to read they will have hundreds, thousands of people getting it straight to their Kindle and the reviews will start to flow in within a day or two. The paperback and ebook (or audio if it’s available – Rise of the Wolf is in production but won’t be ready until about September) editions will all link up, the series will show nice and neat on your author page and they are ALREADY in the charts so if you DO manage to get your most loyal readers to buy on day one you might just get that hoped-for spike that breaks the charts.

robin hood audiobook

We’re continually being told the publishing business is constantly changing but I hadn’t really seen much evidence of it myself until now. I made an error by not using the pre-order facility, an error which I won’t make again when I put out my next novella, The Christmas Devil, this December.

I just hope the system doesn’t change again in the next couple of months wrecking my plans once more!

I’d be very interested to hear from other KDP authors who’ve recently used the pre-order system. How did you find it? Any tips you can share with the rest of us on how to use it effectively? Please leave your thoughts as a comment or email me!

Number 1 for Rise of the Wolf!

The new book has hit number 1 in the Kindle UK Biographical/Historical fiction chart! Very pleased, thank you all for buying and extra thanks to those who have left a great review already. 🙂

I’ve ordered an extra 15 copies for giveaways and stuff so please do share the news of the book’s publication and leave a review when you’ve finished it – I will be picking names from the hat for anyone doing their bit to help me get the word out as I really do appreciate it.

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