Some more tips on how to write a novel. Part 4 of the Lockdown Series – Getting early reviews & dealing with bad ones.

Hi, good to see you again! If you haven’t read the previous posts in this little series you can find part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE , and part  3 HERE. Read them first, then come back. I'll just sink a few beers while I wait. Alright then. First let's talk about reviews, and the importance of... Continue Reading →

Further adventures in writing a novel. Part 3 of the Lockdown Series – Pricing, and KDP Select.

Hello again, I hope you're all staying safe and finding this series helpful as you go about crafting that perfect debut novel. If you haven't read the previous two posts you can find part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE. Read them first, then come back here, go on. I'll just make myself a sandwich... Continue Reading →

More tips on how to write a novel. Part 2 of the Lockdown Series – Once your book is finished. What next? Blurb, beta readers, cover, editor etc.

It's a lovely sunny day here in the west of Scotland but we're all still stuck indoors aren't we? So here's the second part of my series on writing a novel. Enjoy! Part 1 is HERE if you haven't read it yet. Right, you've finished your book and think it's bloody great. Don't you? Well... Continue Reading →

Some tips on how to write a novel, from first idea to publication and beyond. Part 1 of the Lockdown Series -Developing your IDEA.

In case you're wondering why I'm writing this instead of working on my own new druid novel, well, my wife and kids are at home all day during this lockdown and, personally, I find it difficult to get into the "zone" when the house is occupied and there's distractions. But I can still write blog... Continue Reading →

Author Questions Answered – Should I write a novella?

  If you like. Tune in next time for more stunning insights from me! No, I'm kidding. Let's look at this in a little more depth, as I have (genuinely) been asked about this more than once recently. I've written a few shorter tales now, including novellas, a novelette and some short stories so I'd... Continue Reading →

Amazon KDP now showing all-time “historical” sales in the dashboard!

Is it just me? I logged into my KDP dashboard last night and noticed a new feature - "historical" sales. This is something authors have been crying out for so it's brilliant that Amazon have listened. It's also great for me because I was able to count up my all-time sales from back in 2013... Continue Reading →

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