Ye Olde Xmas Traditions

...and a giveaway too. Check out my blog post on the English Historical Fiction Authors blog and leave a comment at the bottom to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy (worldwide)! SEE IT HERE

Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil COVER REVEAL!

This is the first draft, although it will probably end up just like this as I think it's perfect! Like it? As you can see from the artwork, the novella is going to be part of the Kindle Singles programme! I'm really excited about the whole project - it's been great fun to write and... Continue Reading →

If there was a Wolf’s Head movie, who would play each character…?

Check out this page one of my readers set up, it's pretty cool and really fun to wonder who might play each character! Sean Bean as Sir Richard-at-Lee? Ray Stevenson (Rome, The Punisher) as Little John? Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones, Riper Street) as Stephen (I really, really like that one, the guy is perfect... Continue Reading →

Youtube trailer for Knight of the Cross

 Very short and sweet trailer for the forthcoming  novella, Knight of the Cross, starring the Hospitaller from the Forest Lord books, Sir Richard-at-Lee. It runs to around 21,000 words although my editor has still to go over it so the word count will probably rise slightly.Hopefully it's good value for money and a nice little change from the... Continue Reading →

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