Song of the Centurion audiobook finished, Wolfskopf paperback available!

Audible fans, save a credit as¬†Song of the Centurion,¬†sequel to¬†The Druid, has finished recording! Nick Denton narrated again and we signed it off yesterday, so now it just has to pass through Audible's quality control tests before it appears on sale. Usually that takes a couple of weeks or so, which means it should, hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Faces of Darkness cover reveal!

Another new book from me! Following¬†Song of the Centurion¬†in September, and¬†Lucia¬†in October, I expect my new Forest Lord novella¬†Faces of Darkness¬†(starring Little John and Friar Tuck)¬†to be available in late December. Below¬†is the cover art, along with a blurb that will probably change. The book runs to about 30,000 words, making this the longest novella... Continue Reading →

The Forest Lord series – complete reading order

Rather embarrassingly, I recently said my new short story "The Escape" should be read after Rise of the Wolf, when it should actually come after The Wolf and the Raven. DOH. You'd think I'd know my own stories by now, but, in my defence, they've been written over the past four years at different times... Continue Reading →

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