Forest Lord reading order

complete series

This is how I suggest you read the series, but the year they’re set in is listed if you’d rather read chronologically:

Wolf’s Head -1321


Knight of the Cross -1309  

This one can really be read any time but I think it’s best to meet the characters of Sir Richard and Stephen in Wolf’s Head before moving onto this spin-off novella.

Knight Of The Cross-pb-eb-des2

The Wolf and the Raven  – 1322


“The Escape” – 1323

Short story starring Little John

Kindle Covers_The Escape.indd

Rise of the Wolf – 1323


Friar Tuck and the Christmas Devil – 1323


“The Prisoner” – 1325

Novelette starring Robin and Little John


“The Rescue” – 1325

Short story starring Matilda and Marjorie.

Get it HERE for FREE! This is the only place it’s available.


Blood of the Wolf – 1326


The Abbey of Death – 1328

(not released yet, but it’s due very soon!)



complete series

6 thoughts on “Forest Lord reading order

  1. Really enjoyed “Wolfshead”. Have read a lot of books of this genre by authors like Bernard Cornwell, Angus Donald and Jan Guillou, but found your work really refreshing! Can’t wait for this next episode. Like the way you portray Gisbourne as a real bastard!
    Hope it goes well.

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