Win a signed copy of The Northern Throne!

The Northern Throne is out this Friday, August the 14th, and you can pre-order it worldwide HERE. But, if you fancy winning a signed copy, check out Grimdark Magazine's Facebook post and join in - all you have to do is post a pic of your favourite druid/wizard/magician and let us know why you chose... Continue Reading →

HOOD: Outlaws and Legends – New Xbox/PlayStation game featuring my writing!

Just as a little aside from news on my forthcoming Warrior Druid of Britain novel, The Northern Throne, which comes out a week today on August 14th (GET IT HERE), I wanted to share this new console/PC game - HOOD: Outlaws and Legends. As you can see from the screenshots this is a dark, gritty... Continue Reading →

The Northern Throne available to pre-order!

Yep, you can now pre-order book 3 in my Warrior Druid of Britain Chronicles, The Northern Throne. This follows directly on from Song of The Centurion and my mum a respected reviewer tells me it's the best book so far! Publication date is August the 14th so set aside that weekend for some more adventuring... Continue Reading →

Review: Song Of The Centurion – Steven A. McKay

Excellent, insightful review for Song of the Centurion here. Just in time for book 3 coming out this summer (and look out for the cover reveal shortly)!

Warrior Druid Of Britain 2

My version: Hardback
Genre: Historical Fiction, Post-Roman Britain
Orion Books
First published: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4091-8778-3
Pages: 390
, signed

From the cover:
It is AD 430. Against all odds Princess Catia has been rescued from her brutal Saxon captors and Bellicus is taking her home at last.
As the giant warrior-druid knows, however, the gods rarely make things easy and, even if he can escort the girl back to the North safely, their troubles will be far from over…
In a land beset by the rivalries of petty warlords, Dun Breatann has stood solid and secure for untold generations. Trouble brews though as King Coroticus has cracked under the pressure and, as well as starting a war with the neighbouring kings, he has become jealous, suspicious, and often blind drunk. When the king’s paranoia finally boils over during a winter feast…

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