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Northern Britain, AD430

A land in turmoil. A village ablaze. A king’s daughter abducted.

In the aftermath of a surprise attack Dun Buic lies in smoking ruins and many innocent villagers are dead. As the survivors try to make sense of the night’s events the giant warrior-druid, Bellicus, is tasked with hunting down the raiders and thwarting their dark purpose.

With years of training in the old ways, two war-dogs at his side, and unsurpassed skill with a longsword, Bellicus’s quest will take him on a perilous journey through lands still struggling to cope with the departure of the Roman legions.

Meanwhile, amongst her brutal captors the little princess Catia finds an unlikely ally, but even he may not be able to avert the terrible fate King Hengist has in store for her.

This, the first volume in a stunning new series from the bestselling author of Wolf’s Head, explores the rich folklore and culture of post-Roman Britain, where blood-sacrifice, superstition and warfare were as much a part of everyday life as love, laughter and song.

As Saxon invaders and the new Christian religion seek to mould the country for their own ends one man will change the course of Britain’s history forever. . .

. . . THE DRUID.

BellicusIllustration smaller“Steven A. McKay’s archetypal villains and heroes step vividly onto the page from a mist-veiled past of legend to battle for the life of a princess and the fate of Britain. Dark age adventure at its gripping best.” – MATTHEW HARFFY, author of The Bernicia Chronicles

“Confident, straight-ahead and vivid –  instantly engaging storytelling on a par with anything you’ve read before by him there Cornwell, or Kane, or Kristian…One of the most engaging, and more importantly, believable, Historical Fiction novels I’ve come across in a good while. The Druid is, to borrow a previously much over-used (elsewhere) term: a triumph, an honest to goodness, self-assured triumph.” – SPEESH READS review 

“Steven A. McKay is an excellent storyteller, who brings the legends of the past to life, with a new and unique perspective. The Druid tells a story as stunning as the cover art suggests.” – Sharon Bennett Conolly, author of Heroines of the Medieval World REVIEW

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Horsa&Aldred smaller

Catia smaller

“Being such a fast paced action tale where the heat is on from the start it’s a wonder the author managed to develop the characters at all but he managed it perfectly.” – David’s Book Blurg REVIEW

“You are in for another page turning, nerve shredding ride through the dark days of British history.” Stuart S. Laing, author of A Pound of Flesh  REVIEW

Out now, Song of the Centurion and The Northern Throne. 

Song of the Centurion medium

Also available, a prequel novelette, Over The Wall, and an omnibus Kindle edition collecting the first three novels at a bargain price. All are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Book 4, The Bear of Britain.

Book 5, Wrath of the Picts, published September 2022!


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  1. May i please urge you, in this lockdown, to spend some time crafting a third installment in the Druid series please? Loving the series 💗 Hope you find a captivating bit of history for Bel to be part of. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much, I’m very pleased you’re enjoying the series. I am still working on the next book although I must admit it’s hard to a) get in the right frame of mind with all this going on and b) find time alone to think up ideas! But I’ll get there, it’s still on track to be finished by the summer. I hope you enjoy it when it arrives!


  2. Well I have read all 4 entries into this series. I read them and could not put them down. I am looking forward to see how the next one plays out with the princess being lost again. For a little girl she seems to wander off quite frequently. Well Mr. McKay I am definetly a fan of yours now. keep bringing the good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, glad you’re enjoying them! There WILL be more Druid books but I’m not sure when. I’m working on a brand new series just now, look out for an announcement on that soon. 🙂


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