Lucia is my first full-length novel to be picked up by a major publisher, in this case Audible Studios. They bought the audio rights and produced it with the hugely talented voice actor Imogen Church narrating. It came out on October 22nd 2019 and will ONLY be available as an audiobook from Audible for the first 12 months (Kindle and print editions to follow around October 2020). If you have never tried Audible before, I really hope you will give it a go! That cover art deserves it! LINKS below:

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At eight years old, Lucia is torn from the life she knew. Her village burned to the ground and parents murdered by Romans, she is kidnapped, sold and shipped abroad to the Villa Tempestatis in Britannia to serve the young Roman army officer Castus.

Faced with a bleak future of decades of servitude to her master, as well as sadistic brutality at the hands of his slave and manageress, Paltucca, she finds herself fixated by one thought alone. Fueled by hatred and a belief that the gods saved her for a reason, she vows to never taste freedom until she gets her revenge.

As she and her fellow slaves are exploited mercilessly by the master and his ‘noble’ friends – and brutally punished for even the smallest misdemeanours – Lucia’s longing for vengeance only grows stronger. Despite warnings from her loyal friend, Sennianus, that her hatred won’t bring her happiness, she continues to plot the downfall of Castus and Paltucca.

When Paltucca performs an unforgivable act, cruelly destroying a chance of happiness for Lucia, the manageress seals her own fate and unwittingly becomes her own undoing. But what will become of Castus? Risen within the ranks and trusted by the master, Lucia must decide whether or not to exploit her power and risk everything to fulfill her lifelong desire.


©2019 Steven A. McKay (P)2019 Audible, Ltd
This is my first standalone novel and it’s quite different to my other stuff. Usually I write about big, tough men kicking the crap out of each other, wandering about Britain meeting folk and adventuring. Lucia is not like that. This novel follows the life of a little girl as she grows into adulthood as a slave within a Roman villa in Britannia.
I think it’s unique, and I hope listeners will really enjoy Lucia’s tale.

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