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I just sent out my brand new short story, “The Escape”, starring Little John to my mailing list. If you haven’t signed up already, WTF are you waiting for? Click to sign up and get your freebie!

Mailing List.

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  1. Story is downloaded for me tead read later,thanks. Watching Euro games at moment, wonder what Robin Hood would have done with bows they shoot with!


  2. Too hot in bed so I sat in a chair to cool off and read the short story about Friar Tuck, what pleasant surprise I got, it was about Little John, which changed things immediately! Don’t know why but it always surprises me to find out that Robin Hood and his (merry) men were human beings, with all that, that means. Still have Richard Greene riding thro the glen, with hair and clothes that never got messed up, and Maid Marion with a perm, perfe tly in place. Johns short story tells it like it was, they were men who liked a drink, women, fighting. Little John,was an outlaw, foremost of all he was a man!


    1. Thank you Haydn, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Obviously the story isn’t on Amazon or Goodreads or anything so I don’t have reviews to check and see what people thought, only feedback like yours. I appreciate it! I’ll probably write some more short stories in the future, it was good fun (and a lot less stressful than a novel!)


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