Goodreads giveaway finished…

…and it was a great success! Apparently giveaways on the site average about 840 entrants – Wolf’s Head managed to attract 1500 entries, which is excellent exposure for the book.

Pleasingly for me, both the winners (one from Denmark and one from Slovenia) were really happy to have won, so I’m glad to know the books are going to good homes. 🙂

Wolf’s Head has had a few new 4 star reviews on both the US and UK Amazon sites too, and it’s been within the top 200 in the UK OVERALL Kindle best-seller chart for the past week thanks to the “100 Books under £2.99” promo, so things are going incredibly well!

Tonight, I plan on writing some of the sequel, The Wolf and the Raven – I might not get much chance for a while, my wife’s due to give birth on Thursday..!

Thanks for all your support, stay tuned. 😉

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  1. Best wishes to you and your family for Thursday’s expected delivery! (Looking forward to The Wolf & The Raven too, but talk about reasonable delays!)


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