The Wolf and the Raven available to pre-order NOW!

w and r cover


Should be available worldwide as of today, go get your Kindle copy booked now! Paperback will be available on April 7th too.

7 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Raven available to pre-order NOW!

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  1. About time!My stomach has been in knots waiting for the release!Why does the tabloid newspapers not review your book!5 star recommendation is obvious,then a big percentage of the population will be in for an absolute treat,and a new star is born!Campaign would be great!Pr stunt maybe!Dress up as Robin hood and sboot arrows(blunt or sticky) down fleet street for a few hours should draw some attention!Good luck with your sales!


    1. Hahaha, I like the idea of a PR stunt, maybe I will… 😉
      I’m going to down to London with Amazon for the big Book Fair next month, so who knows what’ll happen from that?
      Thanks for your support, I really hope you like the second book as much as the first!


  2. Congrats! I just pre-ordered this sequel and can’t wait to read it. May I ask a technical question? Do you use CreateSpace (or whatever they call it in the UK) to upload and publish your book? I’m hoping to push the publish button for my 2nd book in about 4 weeks but don’t see where to create that ‘pre-order’ status. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.


  3. Hi Char, thanks for your pre-order! I use the Kindle platform and will be uploading it to Createspace as well, however there isn’t a pre-order option. Amazon have let me do it with The Wolf and the Raven as I’ll be releasing it as part of their stand at the London Book Fair (I know, it can be confusing, I tried to set up a per-order for Wolf’s Head too and realised it couldn’t be done).


    1. Thanks for the info, Steven. I had hoped, that with 1 book already published, that this might be an option with book 2. Oh well…

      Congrats on the London Book Fair, too. What a great opportunity! I hope you’ll blog about the experience.


      1. I certainly will – hopefully Amazon film and take photos and stuff too. Really looking forward to it although I am a bit nervous too – never done anything remotely like this before…;-)


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