That new Robin Hood movie trailer. My thoughts as an author of Robin Hood novels.

“So when are they making your Forest Lord books into a movie?”

I’ve had quite a few people asking me that on social media as a trailer for the new Robin Hood movie has just been released by Lionsgate.  Here, watch it yourself if you haven’t already, and see what you think. I’ll wait.

Okay, comments I have seen for this movie have been almost entirely negative. “Costumes are too modern”. “Looks like Arrow.” “Why is little John Black?” “Is it a Batman/Zorro thing?” I even noticed quite a few people saying the Russell Crowe movie was better than this, which doesn’t bode well for anyone who remembers his bizarre accent in that.

The only people who seem to be excited for this movie are women who like the lead actor’s “trademark wink” and jawline. Which is fair enough, but you can have good looking guys/women AND historically accurate costumes and stuff too.

taron egerton

If you remember, I was once approached by a major (major!) Hollywood film producer regarding the rights to my second book, The Wolf and the Raven (read more about that HERE). Ultimately, it never came to anything but it was a pretty amazing thought.

Do I think my book series would make a good Robin Hood movie? Yes, absolutely! I stuck closely to the original legend, there’s plenty of action, and it’s as historically accurate as I could make it while keeping the story engaging and exciting. “Brutal, bloody, brilliant!” one reviewer said, and I’m not about to disagree with that.



best robin hood

Anyway, I think the main problem this new Taron Egerton/ Jamie Foxx movie has is not that it looks rubbish. It doesn’t really – it just doesn’t look much like Robin Hood. When you use a character like that people expect certain things – and surely those people are your target audience? Why call a movie “Robin Hood” then make a film that seems to bear little relation to the historical legend people know and love? The producers have enraged potential moviegoers before the thing has even been released, as you can see if you look at the comments on Youtube and Lionsgate’s own twitter feed HERE.

Why didn’t they use a character from a fantasy series instead of England’s greatest medieval hero? Didn’t they learn from all the terrible versions of King Arthur we’ve been subjected to over the years?

Sadly, it seems like the negative hype might make this movie a flop, and that is a shame. Yes, I wish a producer had taken my books and made them into a movie, but honestly, ANY Robin Hood movie can only be good for my sales. The better a movie does, the more people get interested in the subject matter and will check out other versions – such as my Forest Lord series. So, yeah, it would be good if this film was a massive hit, everyone spent the summer talking about how great a legend Robin Hood is, and my book sales soared as a result of the hype.

But, like I say, the fact the movie looks more like a fantasy, and a very American one at that, than a British historical action thing, is pissing off, well, everyone it seems! And I know exactly how they feel – as a huge fan of the Judge Dredd comics I was horrified when the Sylvester Stallone film came out!

I know how you feel mate.

I hope people ignore the name of the new movie and check it out as a fun adventure piece because if it DOES tank, producers and people in marketing will think, “Oh, no one is interested in Robin Hood,” and kill any future celluloid versions and my dreams of great wealth along with them!

So go see the movie. Hopefully it kicks ass. I liked Jamie Foxx’s performance in Annie, he’s a good actor, so it shouldn’t be all bad.

And if you’re a movie producer, check out my books. They’d make AMAZING movies, trust me…Hey, they managed to get Dredd right eventually with the awesome Karl Urban in the lead role, eventually someone has to do a truly great version of Robin Hood, right?

Karl Urban, about to arrest the producers of the Sly Stallone movie for letting him take Dredd’s helmet off.

Check out my books HERE if you want to read a more traditional take on the legend. They’re FREE on Kindle Unlimited so take a look.

robin hood books


15 thoughts on “That new Robin Hood movie trailer. My thoughts as an author of Robin Hood novels.

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  1. Meh, typical American action movie without much attention to the original legends/myths/details… I seriously rolled my eyes almost every time the guy did an artistic move while firing. Yeah, sure, that’s totally believable. By the way, I’m a woman, but Taron Egerton is nothing special in my opinion. Jamie Foxx seems like a good choice as an actor though, that might make me want to pay to see this movie. Maybe.

    Now, I’m even more interested reading your books. Just bumped Wolf’s Head up on my reading list for July.

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      1. Absolutely! But then, I’m a sucker for Robin Hood stories, and historical fiction. Even though I had not much luck with them lately… I’m fairly sure Robin Hood is one of the reasons I got an interest in history/legends and went to have a university degree of it, hah. I’ve never seen Fifty Shades, and don’t intend to watch it ever…

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  2. I do think your books would make one of the best Robin films to date……but any re-telling of our favorite ‘hero’ may well bring a new younger audience into the fold which can’t be a bad thing. Personally I kinda force myself to embrace the strange and wonderful re-tellings in movie, tv and book form as keeping the legend alive and fresh. Again anything that encourages an interest in Our outlaw friend, the Old Ways and the Wild Wood can’t be too bad a thing.


  3. LOL: I’m a total Robin Hood fan in any shape or form (been around a long time so seen/read any/all permutations possible!)

    However, this film hits me as a pure Fantasy, and need not be called “Hood” or “Robin” – but something like “Gruff” or “Stryker” or “Hollowworld” or “??” 🙂

    Likening it to the ‘Myth’ gives me preconceptions of what I would expect; so if the film fails to give me what I think it should, then I will have that negative option of money and time wasted – which doesn’t do anyone any good.

    And, preferably?: I would LOVE your books to be made into film. Enjoyed them SO much!!


    1. Thank you Carole-Ann, maybe some movie exec will see your post and check out my books! 😉 You are right about that film, no need to call it Robin Hood, it gives people ideas the movie doesn’t live up to. Doesn’t make it bad, just badly named!


  4. I saw the new movie and it was so much fun! It’s perfectly fine to enjoy a film for the magic and ride it takes you. There was action, romance, vengence and backstory. Yes it changed the “legend”. So what? It was really fun and enjoyable! I hope it does well because the ending sets up a sequel that can be more like the legend we know.


    1. I’ll probably see it myself at some point. I agree, it can be seen just as entertainment rather than a Robin Hood thing (but then, why didn’t they just drop the Hood connection completely?)


  5. I watched it over the weekend, yes the outfits were more modern, yes, he looked more like Arrow. Taron did all of his stunts, the shooting he did with multiple arrows is a real style of shooting. This version reminded me of the television series Emerald city. I didn’t go thinking it would be historically accurate due to the trailers. I went for entertainment. We were entertained. It was an interesting spin they put on the character and story. So it strayed from the original. We enjoyed it and would go watch it again.

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